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Pinoy Franchise is a rice supplier of the finest quality rice available on the market. With cooperation with the Worlds largest Rice Millers in Pakistan, India, Viet Nam, Cambodia, China, Brazil, Philippines and USA. we offer the most affordable rice prices on the market with our prompt delivery service to all establishments, corporations, government agencies worldwide. Our export company also offers the following services like Rice Milling, Wholesale Trading, exporting Supplying and Retailing. From rice farmers to Rice Millers to all our clients across the globe.


If you want to start a Rice business you can choose a package that fits your budget and needs.

Starter                                                                                Dealer

Supplier                                                             Distributor

We can supply rice cheaper than any of your current suppliers as we get the rice at very large volume at lower prices, when you order large quantities of rice from our company you will get discounts though the price per cavan varies depending on the quantity ordered. Also please do take note that price of rice varies accordingly due to the change in volume of supply and demand in general. As of today, contact us and request a price list for New and Laon Rice.

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  1. Philippine Rice Says:

    If you need rice from the Philippines send us your requirements, soon we will be able to supply large volumes of Philippine rice to other countries.

  2. Need Rice Philippines Says:

    Please quote me on 5000mt Philippine rice for USA
    Waiting for your response

    Best regards

  3. Rice from the Philippines Says:

    Urgent i need rice from the Philippines
    Please provide me with your procedures and minimum order for export

  4. Philippine Rice Says:

    I sent you all emails please check and let me know so we can proceed with your rice orders.

  5. marilou nadonga Says:

    hi im interested in bigasan business i try to call you to know other details but you didnt answer the phone i have a prospective locationnow please call me or reply immediately .thanks

  6. Philippine Rice Exporter Says:

    I am looking for exporter of Philippine rice, send prices please

  7. Philippine Rice Says:

    We want to import 12,500 metric tons of Philippine rice Africa. Please advise

  8. lourdes nadonga Says:

    gud am i am interested in bigasan business and interested to get a starter package which is amounting to 50k i keep on calling and sending messages regarding this but until now i haven’t receive any reply or no one answer the phone.just want to know if you can help me or not ?

  9. Mina Magtoto Says:

    Good day! I’m planning be a rice dealer in our place and currently canvassing for possible supplier. Can you kindly send a price list at mincee_11@yahoo.com?

  10. joannie lopez Says:

    good day

    madam, gusto mo magkaron ng bigasan business
    paano ko po ma-avail i dont know the term to be said
    ung starter package?
    magkano po cash out ang needed? ano po mga requirements?
    hindi q din po kasi mag download ung application online.

    wait ko po ung reply nyo.

    thank you.

    god bless

    joannie lopez

  11. Grace Says:

    good morning. I’m very much interested in getting a starter package. Appreciate if you could provide details as to how I can avail this franchise?

    Thanks so much

  12. lala Says:


    Urgent i need rice from the Philippines (for Turkey)
    Please provide me with your procedures and minimum order for export and price.

    Thank you very much.

  13. wenie Says:

    gud day….pls.p email ng price list…gusto ko sana mag tyo ng bigasan….tnx….

  14. tina hernandez Says:

    I’m interested with your offer..kindly send me your price list per brand.thanks

  15. Grace Says:

    Please send us your price list at my email address grace.amora@yahoo.com

  16. Philippine Rice Says:

    Please quote me your cheapest price of denorado rice 5% broken in 50

    C&F Any Port of Mindanao

    Quantity: 500,000 sacks to 1M sacks.
    12,500mt to 50,000mt

    Terms: B/L, T/T, L/C

    Looking forward to have a healthy business with your company.

    This request is valid for 10 days only.

  17. remy Says:

    what rice varieties are included in the starter package.how much can we sell each variety. Thanks

  18. Eric Owusu Says:

    Please quote me on 5000mt Philippine rice for Ghana
    Waiting for your response
    How many bags make 1 metric tonne?.

    Best regards
    Eric Owusu.

  19. Amor Says:

    Kindly send prices of different kinds of rice as well as your wholesale price. And also I want to know if how many sacks of rice is the minimum delivery. Kindly send all the details. Thank you.

  20. Kerry Jewel Says:


    Kerry Jewel here

    I need Philippine rice

    Please send quote to my email
    best regards
    Kerry Jewel

  21. Philippine Rice Says:

    Thank you Kerry Jewel

    Please check your email

  22. christian Says:

    what are the requirement. i choose starter package please send me the info. thanks and more power free delivery ba to

  23. khay e Says:

    Hi, Im very interested with your Starter package. I want to know all the details. You can email me khaye_vistaland@yahoo.com.

  24. David Caretti Says:


    What is the minimum quantity I can purchase? i am running a small restaurant and would like to use your rice.

  25. Akuoma Alaike Says:

    Kindly send us a 12,500 MT/ (250,000 bags pp 50kg bag)CIF for Benin in West Africa. A 5% broken, 100% sortexed thai brown, price/offer and specification.thanks

  26. vhannyz Says:

    i am interested to franchise. what is the requirements, how much i pay on this. please email me vhannyz_29@yahoo.com. thank u. i need your answer ASAP

  27. Ryan Lim Says:

    please email me details of the bigasan negosyo packages.


  28. bryan bagsic Says:

    Good Day,

    I am greatly interested poh. What are the requirements poh avail the Starter Package? I set up my business at Tayabas Quezon or Lucena City.

    Thanks and God bless,

  29. bryan bagsic Says:

    Please send to my email 42939@almojilgroup.com.

    Thanks and God bless,

  30. redtorres Says:

    will you provide also the list of suggested retail prices?

  31. bryan bagsic Says:

    No one would to entertain our messages?

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